About Harness & Associates

Dr. Christine Harness, the founder of Harness & Associates, is a licensed psychologist with a keen understanding of interpersonal and systems relationships. With a successful track record of identifying challenges and co-creating solutions, Dr. Harness works collaboratively with clients to identify blind spots and behaviors that derail effective outcomes. This engaging process leads to improved cognitive patterns that can enhance self-efficacy, quality of life, and productivity.

Dr. Harness has extensive training and experience conducting child custody evaluations. She is a contributing author and the primary editor of an industrial/organizational college text in use nationally. As an adjunct professor, Dr. Harness has taught psychology courses at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Marquette University, and Cardinal Stritch University.

Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Harness & Associates provides services to clients worldwide.

Areas of expertise include:
  • Forensic Assessments
  • Legal Consultation
  • Individual Psychotherapy
  • Marital Psychotherapy
  • Industrial/Organizational Consultation
Measured ROI

Employee work behavior has a direct impact on your bottom line. Harness & Associates helps employees replace non-productive habits with appropriate workplace behaviors that lead to increased profitability. Throughout the development process, ROI is measured via a continuous feedback and assessment loop to manage costs and track progress.

Common Sense Approach

Together, we will uncover the attitudes and behaviors that derail highly effective individual, team, and organizational performance. Let us help your employees identify blind spots and develop effective leadership behaviors. The end result is an environment within which individual and interpersonal effectiveness leads to more cost-effective decisions across your organization.

Increased Productivity

& Job Satisfaction

A decrease in interpersonal stress allows employees to devote their energy to the tasks at hand. Our goal is to increase job satisfaction and productivity to direct your team′s focus where it should be: working together to increase profitability, market share and shareholder value.